Hanuman World

Gives you a slice of the time when this monkey god showed that he had no limits, feared nothing, and would do everything to reach his goal. Just like a dedicated adventure should. You will soar across the hillsides, skimming the ground and spiraling around the trees, gliding through the branches and becoming one with Hanuman’s treetop home.

On a zipline, you are closer to heaven, not only because of the height, but because you are doing what Hanuman does best. You are Flying! You’ll glide with great speed across the natural landscape just as easily as Hanuman can. You will understand the sensation of being where the world’s beauty is matched by the power of the Gods.

Sky walk up on our sky bridges, you’ll move about the treetops as Hanuman does, living high above the ground, overlooking his world. You’ll eat and drink as Hanuman does, and learn about how he protects his beautiful forest. This is a journey through history and myth. It is as much an education as an adventure.

Hold on “Roller Zipline” 800 meters. LONG RIDE GRAVITY and nature will do the rest. There are no straight lines in nature. Our roller Zipline curves and twists as you soar thought the trees. 40 KM/H in heart of the rainforest with tree all around. You will found the new experience with the highest speed roller Zipline in Thialand!

Wanon Restaurant Adventure take a lot of energy, especially when they follow in the footsteps of Hanuman. We have what you need at our restaurant, which serves authentic simple but beautifully prepared Thai cuisine.

Safety Policies : Hanuman World does best for environment and we make our activity most secure to let everyone enjoy the wonderful experience without disturbing nature and having no worry on a trip. It is important to follow our procedures and policies as following

Notice : It is recommended that all guests wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and shoes that can be use outdoors. Hanuman world involves light level of physical exertion.

Customer’s weight must not exceed 120 KG. We recommended only children over 3 Years of age participate

Know before you go!

  • This activity is not recommended for children aged 3 and younger.
  • You must weigh less than 265 pounds (120 kilograms) to take part.
  • If you are pregnant or have back, neck, joint or muscular problems, not recommended to go on this tour.
  • You do not need previous experience on a zipline
  • You should have a reasonable level of fitness
  • Hotel pick-up is available from most centrally located Phuket hotels.
  • Please be ready and waiting in your hotel lobby 15 minutes prior to your scheduled pick-up time.


  1. Cancellation will be accepted when it initiated at least 24 hours before the play time.
  2. In case of unintentional cancellation such as accident, fever, the guest needs to providing a medical certificate or related document to get the refund of the purchase.
  3. No show on the pick-up time and no notification in advance will be resulting no refund can be given in any case.
  4. Changing the Play Date or Play Time will be charged 300 baht/person on a pick-up zone and 500 baht/person if out of transfer zone area.


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